Join Us On Canada Day!

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YYC! What are you doing this Canada Day? Well, come celebrate Canada Day with us at some of the public events across Calgary. Silly Booth is going to be at the following locations serving up free photos to anyone that is willing to pose and smile for us! Hope we can see you there!

Location 1: Silly Booth and Fireworks with the Hudson’s Bay Company on Riverfront Ave

Celebrate Canada’s birthday with free activities for the whole family including live music from Mother Mother and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald on Riverfront stage, First Nations Powwow on Prince’s Island, Living Flag activity, Food Truck Roundup and BassBus at Festival Market, and an amazing Fireworks display presented by Hudson’s Bay.

Silly Booth will be at the Hudson’s Bay Company tent from 4-11pm. More information here.

Location 2: Silly Booth and the Canada Day Family Experience at the Olympic Plaza

It doesn’t matter where you were born or what year, we want to celebrate your birthday in style. You can bring your entire family down as there are tons of FREE activities available for children and adults of all ages.

In addition to all of the great FREE, fun and interactive family activities happening at Olympic Plaza, if your birthday is July 1st and you can prove it you’ll be granted exclusive access to the ‘BIP tent’ packed with free goodies and prizes. We’ll also have a birthday cake, large enough to feed all the birthday boys and girls (of any age) and a few hundred of their friends on site.

Silly Booth will be at the Plaza from 11am to 4pm. More information here.

Location 3: Silly Booth at the East Village Street Fair

The festival will have the elements of any great fair, music, street entertainment, artisan wears, kids activities, centers for conversation and more – a balanced mix of business and pleasure for the community and city alike – its a wonderful chance to see what Calgary’s up to in this  neighborhood and a great opportunity for locals to expose themselves and develop within their in the city, making connections and making friends. There will also be classic/vintage cars.

Silly Booth will be there from 9am-4pm at the Sun Life Financial Tent. More information here.

Pew! Pew! It’s Stampede!

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We are only about a month away from the Calgary Stampede! The Silly Booth elves are working around the clock to put together some new western backdrops and props for our western photo booths. Think pistols, bandanas, cowboy hats, lassos, boas and maybe a moustache or two. We are also working hard in production to have our brand spanking new photo booths ready by mid June. More on that later!

If you are looking to reserve one of our photo booths for your stampede party, contact us now as we are starting to get booked up for the popular dates. Can’t wait to be there with you!




May the Fourth Be With You

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If you are a Star Wars fan, happy unofficial Star Wars Day! Here are some photos we took with Chewie and Darth at an Eighties theme party. We love seeing everyone dress up at theme parties! If you are having a theme party, let us bring our photo booth to your party so we can capture hilarious photos of everyone! We’ll even help you put together some interesting props. Talk to us!



Multiple Choices

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Everyone loves receiving one of our prints right away after snapping their photos. That’s why we call ourselves an instant photo booth company. This winter, while it was -40C, we worked hard on our thingamajigs and now we are happy to announce a huge breakthrough in science. For the first time ever, your guests can choose between taking a single 4×6 photo or snap a quad photo strip on the spot!!! Simply select from our touch screen before taking the photo and voila! Can’t decide if you would like to take a single photo or choose a photo strip? Do both! Then take another photo! It really is magic and we can’t wait for you to try it.

Stay tuned, we have a lot more cool stuff coming up this spring we haven’t announced yet. And if you are looking for a fun Stampede idea, don’t forget to shoot us an email. Our photo booth slots are starting to fill up!

Ugly Sweater Season

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It’s time to bring out those tacky holiday sweaters with the snowmen, jingling bells and light up buttons for a season of Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties. But don’t forget, it doesn’t end right there. You will also need the music to go with it. Here’s our list of unforgivable oldies we all never hope to hear again.

From all of us here at Silly Booth, we wish you a happy ugly sweater season!

Elton John – Step into Christmas
Willie Nelson & Norah Jones – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Alvin and the Chipmunks – Christmas Don’t Be Late
Elvis – Merry Christmas Baby
Madonna – Santa Baby
Wham – Last Christmas
Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas?
Frank Sinatra – White Christmas
Ike and Tina Turner – Merry Christmas Baby
Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You
Elmo & Patsy – Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

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We were excited to be back at Jackie’s second annual party this year. This year our theme was “Rolling Out The Red Carpet”. Everyone had so much fun dressing up and posing for photos with us. Even MJ and Chewbacca were invited back! This is the mother of all theme parties. Jackie, you outdid yourself. Uh huh! Uh huh!


Mudder Flooders Zoo Fundraiser

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Last June, the great Alberta Flood of 2013 left many homeless around us. While most of us humans are on a solid path to recovery, the Calgary Zoo, a home for many animals remain in a lot of trouble.

Erin Ferguson approached us last month and asked Silly Booth to participate in the Mudder Flooders Zoo Benefit Fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help rebuild the zoo and give our animal friends their homes back.

Please come join us at Belgo on August 23 for this event. We’re going to be there with a bunch of really cool peeps. Kin Folk will be in charge of the beats and there will also be a silent auction.

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE ZOO! This is serious stuff! So come on down and help us bring the animals home! See you there!

You can find out more by joining the Facebook Page here:

Tickets are available online at Eventbrite. If you can’t come for some reason, the zoo still wants your money anyways so just go ahead and buy that ticket regardless.

Old skool? You can pick up a souvenir collectors edition paper ticket at:
– HotShop Hot Yoga (132 -13 Ave SW)
– Mealan Boutique (1518 4th St SW)

List of sponsors:
Erin Ferguson Real Estate
Shannon Hewlko Designs
Silly Booth
Calgary Zoo
Mealan Boutique
UNA Pizza & Wine
Trotter and Morton
HotShop Hot Yoga
Treasury Wine Estates
Il Sogno
Crave Cupcakes
Cheap Smokes and Cigars
Kelly Pollock

Coffee Table Album

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This hilarious coffee table album went out recently. We couldn’t stop laughing at all the photos! There were so many ridiculous poses and a few we couldn’t show on here. When we design these albums, we create our layouts from scratch using every single one of the photos. I kept asking our client if she really wanted every photo in the book. She said yes so everything went on there. Wish we could see the look on their faces when they turn to the last page! Gosh it was so brilliant, I wish we could post that page on here without getting sued. But hey, it’s just another day at Silly Booth!


Alberta Flood 2013

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For the last three days, everyone here at Silly Booth and Photobolic sat riveted to our televisions watching the devastation of our homes and displacement of our communities. Our hearts were broken when we saw all the places that were familiar to us washed away. But we also saw how this amazing city came together to help each other and the civil workers working tirelessly to ensure our safety.

Our landscape might look a little different when the waters recede but our communities will emerge even stronger. We want to thank all the workers for their preparation and tireless dedication for without them, things may have turned out quite differently.

The following is an editorial piece from the Calgary Herald that just sums up what happened perfectly. (link)

“Take pride, southern Alberta. When disaster struck this week, you showed your mettle. You pulled together, and you did it in a quiet, efficient and orderly way. You did what you had to do because “git ‘er done” is your motto. Regrettably, the worst isn’t over yet, as more rain looms in the forecast, and the Bow has not yet crested.

Once in a great long while, a major flood comes along. But it’s part of life in Alberta, so you rise to meet the challenge with all the hardiness of spirit that is part of being an Albertan.

You know these things can happen when you choose to live at the confluence of a mighty river like the Bow and the feisty little Elbow, or near the Sheep River, or by a creek whose very name, Cougar, reflects the sneakiness of its namesake in its quickness to spring above its banks and unexpectedly pounce.

You don’t worry about it between times, you’re not anxious over every heavy June downpour, but you’re prepared, and when it happens, you deal with it. Just as you’re dealing with it now, even with the sad news of at least two deaths.

You’ll deal with it for as long as it takes, and then you’ll work hard to get back to the business of normal life. Resilience is a quality familiar to Albertans.

There’ll be plenty of time in the days ahead to reminisce about where everyone was, and what everyone did, during the flood of 2013. But for now, it’s about action, not talk. And there isn’t one person who isn’t playing a role in some way in battling the flood waters, whether it is in High River, Canmore, Calgary, or anywhere else. From sandbagging to helping a neighbour salvage their belongings, to co-operating with evacuation orders, to welcoming evacuees into private homes that are high and dry and out of danger’s way, to staffing emergency shelters, to following orders by police and the mayor to stay off the roads, to stay out of Calgary’s downtown and keep safe at home – every single person has helped.

It all adds up to one giant, collective effort, a well-oiled machine that slipped seamlessly into action with no hitches. Calgary’s deserted downtown sat quiet and empty as workers stayed home Friday or helped wherever they were needed with aid efforts. There was no major crime, there was no rioting. That sort of thing has happened elsewhere because disasters can bring out the worst in people. But that’s not southern Alberta’s way and never has been.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s father-in-law, Dennis Teskey, said it best Thursday. Manning a generator to help pump water out of his home and three others in High River, Teskey said: “You know, at times like this, everyone pulls together, everyone looks out for one another, and there’s a lot of care and love around.”

There is indeed. Lots of it. You are doing yourself proud, southern Alberta. Blue skies will be back soon.”

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