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You got questions, we got answers! Our getup goes pretty much anywhere you want us to go. We have taken Silly Booth up a ski lift. We have set up inside an elevator. Our clients take us Stampede parties, birthdays fundraiser galas, weddings, garage parties, bar mitvahs, you name it. We will make it happen for you! How can we blow you away?

  • How many photo booths do you have? We have 4 in Calgary and 1 in Vancouver.
  • Are you insured? We have $2,000,000 commercial insurance.
  • Are you good people? All our staff have gone through background checks. Does that mean we are good?
  • Are you licensed? Of course! And we pay taxes too!
  • When should I book? Yesterday. We get booked up fast.
  • Do you take credit cards? VISA and MasterCard.
  • How easy is it to book your services? We do it all online, takes 10 minutes.
  • I need to pay with a company cheque. Not a problem.
  • Can we get a discount? We like to keep our prices the same to be fair to all our clients. However, there is volume pricing if you are booking multiple events at the same time. Please call us.
  • Do you provide attendant? Yes, we will have a host on-site at all times to make sure everything goes groovy.
  • Do you take my photo? Our system is fully automated so you are free to take your own photo by tapping the touch screen. If you prefer, our host will be happy to hit the clicker for you when you are ready.
  • How do I take my picture? Tap the touch screen.
  • Can I see my image before taking? Yep, we have a live video preview on our screen so strike a pose.
  • How many pictures can I take? Go nuts, it’s on us.
  • How many people can be in the photo? Our best record was 15, 16, 17. Our system is completely open so we can fit more people depending on the size of the backdrop.
  • I want to see my image before printing. You’ll be able to see it on the screen right away. Hit cancel if there’s a piece of food stuck in on your teeth.
  • I want an instant print. Sure! Tap print on the screen after taking the photo and your print will be ready outside. Take another photo!
  • I want to share my photos. Let’s do it! You can post your photos to Facebook and Twitter on the spot with our iPad
  • Can you email me my photo? Yep. Again, use our iPad. Takes 5 seconds.
  • Do you store my password? No. Our system has no ability to store your password. You will be logged out of Facebook or Twitter as soon as the photo is posted.
  • My venue doesn’t have Wifi. We don’t need Wifi. Our units are Internet connected via Telus LTE cellular data.
  • How soon can I get my print after taking the photo? About 15 seconds per print. Longer if you are watching
  • Do I have to wait for the print to come out before taking the next photo? Nope. It’s all magic. Keep clicking. Your prints will be waiting for you when you are done.
  • Can I put some text on the print? No problem. Just let us know!
  • Can I put my logo on the print? Of course! Send us the artwork and we’ll do it. There’s no charge.
  • Can we do different layouts other than what you offer? Yes! Give us a call and we’ll discuss further.
  • Can I get more than one print? You get one print per photo taken. Just go ahead and take another picture. If you want more than one, please order the Lazy Reprints or High Speed Reprint station.
  • How does Lazy Reprints works? Find your photo on the iPad and hit the print button. Your print will appear shortly. You can make up to 3 reprints per image taken.
  • What is this High Speed Reprint Station and how is it different than Lazy Reprints? With High Speed, we set up a dedicated printer just to do reprints for you. There will also be a dedicated touch screen system for you to select your photos. There is no limit to how many photos you can reprint. We will print until the photo booth run time is up.
  • How much space do I need? 8ft x 8ft minimum floor space, a 5ft table and continuous power
  • Are you really a booth? Not in the traditional sense. We are a completely open setup. So we can go anywhere.
  • Do you have an operator on-site? Yes, at all times to help keep the fun alive.
  • Do you bring props? Yes, we bring a chest of props. But you can add your own as well to supplement.
  • Can you come earlier to set up? Early bird gets the worm. We want the worm.
  • My venue doesn’t have Wifi, can we still share photos online? Of course! Our units are all connected to the Internet via Telus LTE so we can share photos instantly.
  • My event is in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t have cellular coverage. In that case, social media sharing will not be possible. We will post all the photos in your private gallery after the event!
  • How do I get my photos? We put upload them online for you to download within 3 working days
  • Can I get a disk of my photos? Of course! We always send one out!
  • Can I order a print after the event? Sure! Just do it from our online gallery. It’s pretty cheap.

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