Multiple Choices

sbadminAnnouncement, Photo Booth, Photo Booth Ideas

Everyone loves receiving one of our prints right away after snapping their photos. That’s why we call ourselves an instant photo booth company. This winter, while it was -40C, we worked hard on our thingamajigs and now we are happy to announce a huge breakthrough in science. For the first time ever, your guests can choose between taking a single 4×6 photo or snap a quad photo strip on the spot!!! Simply select from our touch screen before taking the photo and voila! Can’t decide if you would like to take a single photo or choose a photo strip? Do both! Then take another photo! It really is magic and we can’t wait for you to try it.

Stay tuned, we have a lot more cool stuff coming up this spring we haven’t announced yet. And if you are looking for a fun Stampede idea, don’t forget to shoot us an email. Our photo booth slots are starting to fill up!