May the Fourth Be With You

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If you are a Star Wars fan, happy unofficial Star Wars Day! Here are some photos we took with Chewie and Darth at an Eighties theme party. We love seeing everyone dress up at theme parties! If you are having a theme party, let us bring our photo booth to your party so we can capture hilarious photos of everyone! … Read More

Multiple Choices

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Everyone loves receiving one of our prints right away after snapping their photos. That’s why we call ourselves an instant photo booth company. This winter, while it was -40C, we worked hard on our thingamajigs and now we are happy to announce a huge breakthrough in science. For the first time ever, your guests can choose between taking a single … Read More

Ugly Sweater Season

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It’s time to bring out those tacky holiday sweaters with the snowmen, jingling bells and light up buttons for a season of Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties. But don’t forget, it doesn’t end right there. You will also need the music to go with it. Here’s our list of unforgivable oldies we all never hope to hear again. From all of … Read More

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

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We were excited to be back at Jackie’s second annual party this year. This year our theme was “Rolling Out The Red Carpet”. Everyone had so much fun dressing up and posing for photos with us. Even MJ and Chewbacca were invited back! This is the mother of all theme parties. Jackie, you outdid yourself. Uh huh! Uh huh!

Coffee Table Album

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This hilarious coffee table album went out recently. We couldn’t stop laughing at all the photos! There were so many ridiculous poses and a few we couldn’t show on here. When we design these albums, we create our layouts from scratch using every single one of the photos. I kept asking our client if she really wanted every photo in … Read More

Critical Mass Ugly Sweater Photo Booth

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One mans trash is another mans treasure…as they say. We riffled through our attic boxes and put on our best ugly sweater and joined Critical Mass at their Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!! Lots of laughs were had and some comments; “hey, I wore that same sweater in 1991!”. We had so much fun with all of you. Enjoy the photos!