Critical Mass Ugly Sweater Photo Booth

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One mans trash is another mans treasure…as they say. We riffled through our attic boxes and put on our best ugly sweater and joined Critical Mass at their Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!! Lots of laughs were had and some comments; “hey, I wore that same sweater in 1991!”. We had so much fun with all of you. Enjoy the photos!

Less Than 100 Days Till Stampede!!

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Giddy-up and dust off your cowboy boots and white hats. Its less than 100 days until the Calgary Stampede! Silly Booth is putting on the spurs and kicking it into high gear to kick off Stampede partys all over Calgary this summer. Our newest backdrop, #9, is sure to be a hit! We would love to be there for your … Read More

Crave Cupcakes – Dessert Launch Party

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What’s better than a party with Crave cupcakes? A party with Crave cupcakes and desserts of course! Last week we were invited to Crave’s dessert event at their Calgary Aspen Landing location. Everyone sampled an irresistible selection of desserts, cupcakes and cakes. You can see some of their new not-so-top-secret products in some of the photo booth images below. If … Read More

Spring Bar Mitzvah

sbadminBar Mitzvah, Birthday Party

[K]ids rule! The Silly Booth is great for events like Bar Mitzvahs or birthday celebrations. Our oldest birthday celebration was 50 years young. If you are looking for something really cool to add to the ante, this is it. Everyone is going to love taking silly photos and bringing prints home as souvenir!